DAPX = 1$

March 5 — March 25

DAPX = 2$

May 08 — June 05

DAPX = 5$

June 13 — August 13

DAPX = 10$

August 14 — August 31

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  • dapbox
  • car
How to buy DAPX

About the game

A new generation multiplayer game based on blockchain technology, open source and a public smart contract is DapCar, a transparent and honest platform with a player for real money and fun with the roar of the engine and victory.

First and foremost, DapCar is a competition game with hundreds of auto modifications, with amplifiers and a pure human factor. confrontation player vs. player, the victory depends only on strategy and tactics. THINK AND WIN.

Every machine is unique. The generation system operates with 14 types of replaceable elements and 900 modifications. The chance to meet the same cars 1 to 18 146 918 400 000 000 000. UNIQUENESS IN EVERYTHING. The game completely lacks the generated game currency, all internal operations are performed on the crypt, the resource of the future, and on tokens obtained through the system of blockade. The player will start earning immediately, as he will tie his wallet to the game using the MetaMask plugin. MINIMUM OF COMPLEXITY, MAXIMUM BENEFITS.


A machine of any level can be pumped in a tuning studio. There are four types of tuning at the stage of release: engine, exhaust, transmission and nitro. Tuning of each level has its own cost and time to rollback, which increase with the level of pumping the branches.

Tuning increases the power of the car. Uniform pumping of indicators gives an additional bonus every 5 levels and +1 level to the tier (tier-level) of the machine. Example: if the exhaust, engine, transmission and nitro are pumped all to 5 levels - the car gets an additional bonus of 2% to the power without taking into account bonuses from pumping the branch itself.


At the stage of release we have established two types of races:


According to the scheme of the auction, the player makes a bet with information about the amount for which he is ready to make a check-in. The opponent agrees with the amount of the bet and answers. The winner receives a doubled bet minus 5% commission. The loser receives tokens in the amount of 10% of the prize pool at the rate of the auction at the time of the race. Rounds can only be in the same level.


The player exposes the "key to key" race option, and if the other player agrees with the bet, the race begins. The winner gets a competitor's car.


The player purchases a Car Box, a box in which you can get a car from 1 to 25 (30 levels in all) with a certain chance, and there is also a small chance to get a rare car with improved characteristics.

Dap Box can be purchased at any time, and together with the auto player will receive 30 Dap-s guaranteed. Each car has its own capacity, from 10 000 to 45 000 depending on the level and quality. Each machine is unique. Its peculiarity is that the appearance is generated from 14 parameters.


At the auction, players can place lots and buy them. Lots can be cars and tokens. The exhibition of lots follows the principle of "reverse auction" and "direct auction". The player assigns the maximum price for his product, and with time (up to a day), the price in equal parts drops to the minimum specified value every minute, or vice versa. The commission of developers from sale - 5%.


Stages of IT emissions:

1. Private Sale 1$
2. Pre ICO 2$
3. ICO 4$

At the end of the process, ICO IT will no longer be emitted. The total number of IT tokens will be fixed in a smart contract without the possibility of additional emission.




Release mvp
Bittrex Exit


Name Vladislav Egorov POSITION CEO / BlockChain / Crypto specialist, C / Golang programmer / entrepreneur
Name Pavel Shubin POSITION COO
Name Dmitry Rakityansky POSITION CBDO
Name Daniil Nagikh POSITION CTO / Goland developer / entrepreneur
Name Olga Filatova POSITION CMO
Name Nikita Sychev POSITION Art director
Name Inna Kudryavceva POSITION UI & Art Lead
Name Kristina Panova POSITION Graphic designer and illustrator
Name Andrey Bezhenov POSITION Lead of front-end team development, CEO RussianRobotics
Name Max Nebot POSITION DevOps Engineer

He worked in the large American and European companies such as Master of Code Global, Accenture, SIA TWINO, FireBlink LCC. He has over 6 years of experience as admin of *nix-systems. He has a vast experience working with docker, aws, CI-jenkins/bamboo, puppet, ansible, chef, git – gitlab/bitbucket admin.

Name Andrey Galaktionov POSITION Back-end developer
Name Nikita Makarov POSITION Back-end developer


Name Nerijus Zaksauskas POSITION Advisor

Nerijus graduated from the Kelley School of Business in Indiana. Worked as Managing Director in PZU LIETUVA LIFE INSURANCE and Sales Director in AVON COSMETICS Lithuania. Also worked at the University of Vitaut the Great in Kaunas, Lithuania. Nerijus has considerable management experience at the field of top management, branding, business management and successful team building for business.

Name Harry Sidiropoulos POSITION Advisor

Team Cloak / PR & Marketing

Name Artur Lipatov POSITION Advisor

Expert in the world of ICO. Graduate of Moscow State University. The head of more than 20 international ICO projects with a pool of more than $ 100,000,000. Head of "Blockchain Lab" and Co-founder of www.криптовалюта.рф. One of the organizers of the largest European conference Official partner of киберроссия.рф and

Name Ekaterina Kondratenko POSITION Advisor

An advisory board member on digital economy and Blockchain technologies under the State Duma of Russia. A news producer of a leading Russian website

Name Artem Ovchinnikov POSITION Advisor

CEO of the international acceleration program,, for the Blockchain projects and investors

Name Mike Zevakin POSITION Advisor

CEO, a cryptocurrency evangelist and Blockchain Strategist


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