• It`s the best moment of your life ... Because today you will meet DAPCAR

Аbout the game

DAPCAR is next generation multiplayer competitive game based on blockchain technology. It means that there are open code, public smart contract and absolute transparency on our site. You participate in races for cryptocurrency and compete with anonymous participants from all over the world.

It doesn`t matter whether you are a young Padawan or a Jedi Master of online games. It won`t help you here. Your victory depends on three factors: the car, its tuning and parameters of each race which are to be chosen by you. Think and win - it's piece of cake. Our developers can`t affect the outcome of your race, all game events are created by the system. It is just an accident or your fortune or open algorithms, which you can check at any time.

If you have been dreaming of cryptocurrency for a long time and your G-spot is somewhere in your cryptowallet full of ETH, don`t miss your chance. With DAPCAR you will not just have a great time, but you can quickly and easily get cryptocurrency (Ethereum) and, as extra bonus, the game currency (DAPCAR Tokens) in tokens. To participate you only need MetaMask and a bit of luck. Connect your wallet using MetaMask plugin and earn Ethereum and tokens with little effort. Don`t worry, we are not Ocean's Eleven and we won`t steal your money. All investments are accumulated only in your cryptowallet, to which none of our developers has access. More information about MetaMask can be found by clicking here.

So, are you one of those happy people, who always have green traffic lights? Do you think that the glass is half full, and your bread always falls butter side up? Then, car key to start!


As XZibit said, each car is to be upgraded. You can improve any car in the tuning company on our platform. Cars are altered to provide better fuel economy, produce more power, or provide better handling and driving, therefore your chances to knockout your opponent are increased. Important! Tuning has many levels, and each level has its price and the certain period when it will still be effective. These parameters will be changed according to the degree of tuning.

You can upgrade your car according to six parameters - engine, exhaust system, transmission, braking system, gearbox and nitro. We know that now you paid attention to nitro only, but it is not right, focusing only on one point you will not achieve the speed like the famous DeLorean time machine has. Each upgrade gives a certain increase in power. Improvement of one parameter gives you extra power.


Participation in the race from DAPCAR is much easier than visiting your ex. There are two types of races.

The first one is the race for Ethereum.

The player sets the sum that (as the player thinks) equals to the level of his/her confidence in his/her abilities and in his/her car. The winner receives double amount of that sum, fame and respect. Loser receives thanks for participation and game tokens, to upgrade the car and to show “who's your daddy” next time

The second one is the race for the car.

If you want to save your Ethereum, but you also crave for thrill of competition and you are not afraid to lose your car, then choose the race named “key for key”. The race will start as soon as your opponent agrees with your conditions of the race. The winner gets the competitor`s car.


How to buy your dream car? You choose DAPBOX Tokens - kind of Pandora's box, in which a random car of 1 or 2 levels is waiting for you. In total, there are 20 levels. You still have the chance to get a rare car with improved characteristics. But it is a slight chance. You can buy DAPBOX Tokens at any time, and after buying we will give you up to 50 DAPCAR Tokens as a gift, so you could immediately upgrade your car.

We know that car is your passion, it will be individual and unique. Each car has its own power - from 10 to 1,800, and the appearance is compiled of 9 elements and a large number of modification parameters. Attention: the chance that you will meet the same car is approximately one in a million.


Also, you can find auctions on our platform. The lot will be your car. In general, there are two ways of creating a lot: you choose "reverse auction" or "direct auction." Your choice depends on personal preferences and fantastic self-confidence.

In this case the currency is ETH, and it will be immediately transferred to the player's account. The site is not a mediator and it does not participate in any payments (regarding acceptance, transfer, storage or spending of your funds). How does it work? The player sets the desired price for the item and within seven days until the moment when other player finds this deal profitable, the price will go down till the minimal value. If you agreed to the deal - check your wallet.